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Our Services

Import and export on behalf of others

- Importing all goods for the account of others
-Importing from the required country to the client's warehouse

Packaging and handling services

Packaging service is one of the basic services provided by Export incubator, as it provides this service with advanced and professional technologies to suit the customer's requirements in terms of quality, time and service.

Customs clearance and Logistics services

The export incubator issues decisions to exempt factories from customs duties, whether for raw materials or equipment and spare parts. In addition to reviewing the General Authority of Customs regarding any problems related to activating the exemption decisions.

Sea, air and land freight

Export Incubator offer the best and most flexible rates with our tailored, utterly effective solutions that precisely fit your needs.

Temporary storage in our warehouse

Export incubator provides temporary and long-term storage services for companies and individuals within its warehouse in area4u platform effectively, through dedicated spaces according to the needs of each customer, within a secure environment equipped with all the capabilities that preserve the stored materials.

Registration of certificates of conformity

The electronic certificate of origin service by the Ministry of Commerce is a service that enables local exporters and manufacturers to issue a certificate of origin and follow it electronically without the need to review the ministry, in order to save time and effort.

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